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Increase your Facebook performanceUsing AI, Likealyzer helps brands succeed on social media by providing actionable insights, not just metrics
Your social media advisorWe grade your Facebook’s performance by looking at over 70 signals
Always know where you standWe create a rank for your Facebook page by analyzing everything under the sun, 70 data points to be exact.
We grade your page so you can improveWe know what makes communities engaged, and pages more effective. We know how to maximize reach to users in their newsfeed. So we look at additional aspects of your page to help you improve.
Learn from what others are doing bestWe help you understand where you need to improve by comparing you to millions of pages
Benchmark yourself against industry standardsWhile other tools give you stats, we make them meaningful. We compare your engagement, metrics, and page against 1MM other Facebook pages in our system to help you understand your results.
Show your competitors who’s bossKeep your competitors in mind when doing your research. Add competitors to your dashboard so you can always keep track of their social media tactics and strategy.
Actionable and thoughtful insightsWe give you recommendations so that you know what to do next
Deep insights and growth-hacker tacticsEver wish you had an social media expert telling you exactly how to improve? We take millions of data-points to recommend tactics that are currently working for other customers based on your page’s look, feel, and setup.
Meaningful content is kingWe know that the right content for your audience engages them to be your biggest fans. But how do you know if you’re posting the right stuff? We’ll create recommendations and insights based on your content. Are your fans engaging with your posts? Are you posting at the right time? We’ll help you!
Automated reports, made simpleQuickly export powerful metrics and present to stakeholders trend analyses, regressions, and correlations for tried and true statistical understanding.
Instant professional reportsWant to do your own modeling and reporting? We include hundreds of social data points with insights and recommendations in your report.
Let everyone in on the dataTired of stale data after exporting? Likealyzer offers real-time up to date reporting that you can share with anyone in your organization. Share once and you’re done!
"Likealyzer is a great way to see if your efforts are paying off on Facebook- and what to change."
Maura Parsons-@theothermaura
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